Tropheus Sp Red “Livua”

General – This is another rare species of the Tropheus family from Lake Tanganyika. Most of the information will be exactly the same for all Tropheus. Under good tank condition, they will display their true colors, you will see lots of red. In a stress condition, they will be very dull and dark. All Tropheus are extremely aggressive and requires a lot of attention, not only due to aggression but health wise. They can get bloat easily if you do not feed them the correct food.

Tank Requirement – 50G minimum with lots of rocks/caves. They are very territorial and some will require structures for hiding.

Compatibility – I recommend to not mix them with other cichlids, they have different diet, and if you want to breed them, they need to be isolated to their colony only.

Aggression – Very aggressive and will lock jaws frequently with other males of their own. Extremely territorial as well.

Size – They don’t get very big, maxing out at around 4-5″ inches.

Male vs Female – Female are smaller and more rounded than males.

Diet – All Tropheus require a veggie based diet. Spirulina or nori (seaweed) or any veggie pellets will be a good choice.

  • Scientific Name:  Tropheus sp Red “Livua”
  • Common Name:  Tropheus Red or Blood Throat Tropheus
  • Origin:  Africa, Lake Tanganyika
  • Care Level:  Expert
  • Size of fish: 4-5″ inches
  • Aggression:  Very aggressive
  • Diet: Herbivore (plants and vegetables)
  • Breeding:  Mouth Brooder
  • Water Region:  Bottom and mid-section

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