Red Dragon Flowerhorn

General – One of the most sought after fish in the cichlid family. This is a hybrid fish, and does not exist in the wild. They are a very unique fish, with a personality. They will recognize you and some people feed them off their hands once they get used to you.

Tank Requirement – This fish maxes out at around 10-12″ and will require a minimum of a 50G tank. They are best kept in a single tank per fish since they can get quite aggressive.

Compatibility – I have seen some people mix them with African cichlids in similar size. It all depends on the aggression of the fish.

Aggression – Aggressive, they will hardly tolerate tankmates. It will work, but takes time and you probably will lose some fish in the process.

Size – 10-12″ inches max. They grow quite fast.

Male vs Female – Female head bump are less pronounce than males.

Breeding – They are egg layers, and will become very protective of the eggs, which will result in more aggression towards tankmates. You need to provide some sort of flat surface, like a flower pot or anything similar so they can start laying eggs in them.

Diet – They are omnivores, they will eat pretty much anything you put in the tank. Best to feed them cichlid pellets and stay away from live food to reduce the chances of bacteria and infection.

  • Scientific Name:  This fish is a hybrid
  • Common Name:  Red Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Origin:  Central America
  • Care Level:  Easy
  • Size of fish:  12″ Max
  • Temperament:  Aggressive
  • Diet:  Omnivore
  • Temperature:  72-80 F
  • PH Range:  6.0 – 8.0
  • Breeding:  Egg layers
  • Ideal Substrate:  Sand/Gravel
  • Water Region:  Mid/Top

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