Cyphotilapia frontosa (Burundi)

General – This is one of the most loved fish in the cichlid family. Males are beautiful with dark stripes and a shimmering of blue hue on their face and fins. Come from lake Tanganyika, where the water is very deep and has a very high Ph. These are hard to capture, hence the high price in most stores.

Tank Requirement – This fish requires a minimum of a 75G tank, and even with that you must not stock a lot since they can get very big. Sand substrate is preferred and lots of rocks, I recommend Texas Holy Rocks since that is a natural pH booster. They do not like a lot of current, so turn off your wave maker. In the wild they live in the very deep part of the lake, with minimum current.

Compatibility – They are compatible with most cichlids. I have seen people mix them with African cichlids from lake Malawi with no problems. Is it ideal? Probably not, but it works. If you want the best outcome, they need to be with other Tanganyika cichlids.

Aggression – Very calm, this fish is a very calm fish. They don’t swim like your Peacocks and Haps, they prefer to save their energy comes feeding time.

Size – Males will max out at what I’ve seen so far around 9-10 inches. I have heard some males can get even larger than that. Females on the other hand stays small, they maxes out at around 6-7 inches.

Male vs Female – It is hard to tell when they are young and you can’t vent them like you would with Peacocks and Haps. Males will develop a large forehead, and female is not as pronounced as the male.

Breeding – Most are mouth brooders, some other specie of Frontosas are egg layers.

Diet – They like a very high protein diet. So feed them food that has a high protein content. Krill, freezed dry shrimp will be a good choice to complement with the regular pellets diet.

  • Scientific Name:  Cyphotilapia Frontosa
  • Common Name:  Frontosa
  • Origin:  Lake Tanganyika
  • Care Level:  Easy
  • Size of fish:  7-10″ inches
  • Temperament:  Calm, not aggressive
  • Diet:  Carnivore
  • Temperature:  76-80 degrees F
  • PH Range:  8 – 8.5
  • Breeding:  Mouth Brooder
  • Ideal Substrate:  Sand/Gravel
  • Water Region:  All areas of the tank

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