Lethrinops Red Cap “Itungi”

General – This is another pretty rare fish in the aquarium hobby. You can still find it online, but it’s not something you will see when walking in your local fish store. These are very peaceful cichlid and they have some of the best unique colors. There are many type of Lethrinops, but my favorite is definitely the Red Cap.

Tank Requirement – They don’t need a very large tank, but make sure to have a lot of swim space. That means don’t overcrowd your tank with decorations. I am breeding my colony with 1 male and 2 females in a 40G tank with 2 bristlenose to keep the tank clean.

Compatibility – These are best with peacocks and haps because they are peaceful fish. Mbunas and Tropheus or any other South American cichlids will be too aggressive for them.

Aggression – Little to no aggression.

Size – Males will max out at around 5″ inches. Female around 3″-4″ inches.

Male vs Female – Males are larger than females and are extremely vibrant when fully grown. Females on the other hand stays white/silverish. Juveniles are very hard to tell until they reach close to 2″ inches. Then you can identify if their dorsal fins to see if it have any coloration or patterns, usually that means it is a male.

Diet – Omnivore, feed them a mix of protein and veggie food.

  • Scientific Name:  Lethrinops sp. Red Cap “Itungi”
  • Common Name:  Red Cap Lethrinops
  • Origin:  Africa, lake Malawi
  • Care Level:  Easy
  • Size of fish:  5-6″ inches
  • Temperament:  Peaceful
  • Diet:  Omnivore
  • Temperature:  73-82 degrees F
  • PH Range:  7.6-8.6
  • Breeding:  Mouth Brooder
  • Ideal Substrate:  Sand
  • Water Region:  All region of the tank

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ezy-watermark_21-09-2019_10-20-26am.jpg

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