Protomelas Taeniolatus

The Protomelas taeniolatus (Likoma Is.) or Tangerine Tiger cichlid is a larger Haplochromis from Lake Malawi that is native to the waters around Likoma Island. Males can grow to be almost 12″ but are usually 8″ or 9″ in an aquarium. The dazzling colors on males are what make these fish popular with aquarium owners. They feature blue heads, red/orange dorsal, anal, and tail fins, and yellow bodies with black vertical stripes.

Tangerine cichlids are mildly aggressive, and can be kept in a tank other Haps, Peacocks or mildly aggressive Mbuna. When spawning, a male will show higher levels of aggression towards other male Tangerine Tigers and closely related species.

  • Scientific Name:  Protomelas Taeniolatus (Likoma Is.)
  • Common Name:   Tangerine Tiger
  • Origin:  Africa, lake Malawi
  • Care Level:  Easy
  • Size of fish:  9-10 inches
  • Temperament:  Mildly Aggressive
  • Diet:   Herbivore 
  • Temperature:  78-82 degrees F
  • PH Range:  7.8-8.6
  • Breeding:  Mouth Brooder
  • Ideal Substrate:  Sand or Fine Gravel
  • Water Region:  All region of the tank

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