Do I breed all my fish?

Yes, 90% if not more are bred straight from my private home. This allows you to see the original parents, making sure they’re not hybrid or babies from deformed parents whatsoever. You are guaranteed the fish you buy!

Occasionally, I trade fish with friends that are breeders like myself giving me a variety of other fish that you can choose from. The pictures with my watermark on it, is the actual fish that I have.

What kind of payment do I accept?

Cash and Venmo only.

Do I have a refund policy? Or refund for dead fish?

No, I am a local breeder not a store. Once it leaves my house, you are responsible for it. I don’t have control over your water or tank environment to warranty the purchase.

How long do I have to bring the fish home?

Some of my customers come from Pennsylvania and North Carolina which are over 3 hours away. I bagged them up as usual with proper box and if your drive is over an hour long, I will also put ammonia remover pads in the water as well. But the safest way is to bring your own bucket and portable air pump if you are more than 3 hours away.

How to I make a purchase?

Go to the “Pricing” located in the Menu. Look through the list and pick out the ones you want, please also include the size and quantity of each. Then head over to the “Contact” section also located in the Menu and from there you can contact me via Text/Facebook/Instagram, however you’d like.

Why should you buy fish from me?

You are guaranteed the fish you purchase is first hand pure breed. Most of the large fish stores and local fish stores order fish that are shipped from China then from China to a distributor somewhere in Florida, then from Florida to all over the U.S. By the time that you buy a fish from one of these stores, they are stressed, beat up, and even worst are contaminated with parasites such as ick, sunken bellies, white fungus, bloat and etc. This could potentially wipe out your main tank if you do NOT have a quarantine tank available for at least 3-4 weeks. Also, you would have no idea if your fish is pure breed or not since you can’t see the parents.

Another major reason is that “most” of the fish I’m selling, you can’t find it in stores. You can probably find it online, but shipping live stock is usually the cost of the fish + $35-$60 shipping fees on top.

Are my fish disease/parasite free?

I have been keeping cichlids for many years and I have never heard anyone complain about my fish, you can verify that by going on my Facebook page for comments and reviews. This makes buying easy, since you can just throw them straight in your main tank. When you buy fish from me, quarantine is only an option not a must. You can just throw them in your main tank and be worry free of parasites and diseases.

Do I ship?

Sorry, at this time it is pick up only in Manassas Park, VA. I do not have experience in shipping live stock and do not want to take that risk even if you pay extra for shipping.

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