Many Red Caps Lethrinops Available!

I have them in half inch or 1 inch. To learn more about them visit the fish profile section or the link below. To see their pricing, go to the “Pricing” section in the menu.

Malawi Trout Breeding Pair (2x)

I have 2 pairs of Malawi Trout breeding pair, both pair 7-8″ inches. Plenty of pictures of them on the website or the link below.

A couple of large Bristlenose for sale!

I have two (4″ and 5″) regular bristlenose pleco for sale. Check out the pricing section and contact me if you are interested.

New Pics Of The Red Caps Lethrinops

This is my breeding group of Red Caps Lethrinops. I have their babies currently for sale at 1/2″. Check out the pricing section in the menu for more info.

4/30/2021 – Update On Current Stock

Barracudas are all sold out! My stock of large 4-5″ Frontosas is starting to get low. These takes forever to grow so get it now if you want it for a good size. I have 2 batches of Red Caps coming soon, the current stock on these is about 1/2″ in size. Still have a bunch of 1″ Albino Bristlenose Plecos.