September Update

Just another update on my current stock.

Frontosas – all the large size Frontosas are sold out! I have a few half inch remaining, but very low.

Malawi Trouts – all sold! These will not come back in stock as I don’t breed them anymore.

Red Caps Lethrinops – I have them in half inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches. I have many of them so these will not be out of stock any time soon. Very easy to care for and they don’t get very big. Males are extremely colorful. If you want to learn more about them, visit the “Fish Profile” section in the menu and all pictures and info are in there.

Moori Blue Dolphins – This is my last batch. I don’t breed them anymore so get it now when you can. They are all about 2-2.5″ inches and are very blue now.

Super VC-10 – Still many available in the 1″ inch size. These are another rare and good addition to your tank as they are hard to come by. Great colors and shape when fully grown.

Albino Bristlenose Plecos – I have them in 1″, 2″, and 3″ inches. Great fish for keeping your glass clean. These are not the common type plecos, these will actually do the work! Every tank should have a few of them.

Black Bristlenose Plecos – I have one left around 5″ inches. Great size to add with the bigger fish!

Visit the pricing section in the menu for prices.

Instant Cycle Your Tank!

Free with any purchase over $100 and for aquariums up to 125g.

These are mostly Seachem Matrix and Fluval BioMax. As you can see in the picture, these are super clean sitting in some of my FX6. You don’t have to wait for your tank to cycle and keep testing water parameters anymore. Put these in your filter and your tank is cycled!

Blue Dolphins/Red Caps/Bristlenose Update

Hardy size and very healthy. I have many bristlenose plecos that are now in the 3″ size.

Super VC-10 Now available

I have about 20+ Super VC-10 currently at 1″. These are super cool looking fish and pretty hard to find! If you don’t know much about them, the link below will provide some info. Check the “Pricing” section in the menu for prices.

Info Link

august update

I know we have a couple of days left to August, but I have some sizing update on my current stock. The Red Caps are getting to a very good size, 2 inches. The dolphins are outgrowing the Red Caps, but they are also 2 inches. This is my last batch of blue dolphins, I am no longer breeding Blue Dolphins so get them now if you want some!

I also have a new batch of Frontosas, they are currently at 1/2″ inch. Very low stock on these.

On the Bristlenose front, I have many of them and in all different sizes.